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How to Motivate Unmotivated Workers

Production is down. Morale is down. The staff kitchen is like a wake. People stop talking when you come near. The same people who used to be sticklers for punctuality are now turning up late and having a suspiciously bad run with their health. This is what you might call a sick workplace. Ignore the […]

The Power of a Growth Mindset Part two of a series

Your company has just upgraded its computer system and it’s doing your head in. You loved the old system. You had your head around it and could almost do your job with your eyes closed. Now you’re forced to reinvent your job to new software and as far as you’re concerned it’s not software at […]

Unleashing your Inner Leader Part Three of a Series

In parts one and two we focused on bringing your inner leader forward and getting more freedom in your life. Now we’re going for the real leadership challenge and how to become a bona fide leader without a hint of dirty politics. Who are the great leaders? When you think of leaders, what names immediately […]

Unleashing your Inner Leader Part Two of a series

In part one of this leadership series I gave you a few general tips on how to drag your inner leader kicking and screaming out of the School of Submission and get some well deserved control. And it’s not easy: if we’re used to giving in, giving up and going with the consensus, taking a […]

Unleashing your Inner Leader Part one of a series

No, that’s not some dubious Fifty Shades of Grey analogy, though we will be discussing a bit of polite domination. This article is the first on the very weighty subject of leadership. And before you say “I’m not leader material,” there’s a leader in all of us whether we think we’re born followers or not. […]

The Power of a Growth Mindset Part one of a series

“I can write, but I can’t draw.” “I’m no good at tennis; I’m only good at squash.” “There’s no point in communicating with the neighbours; they’re never going to change.”“Are you kidding, a manager’s job? I don’t know how to manage people!” Sound familiar? It might not be you, but you’ve probably heard others express […]

Why positive psychology works

Given its effects on human behaviour and motivation, there is strong reason to believe that positive psychology is a key to improving managerial performance. Still a relatively new area of psychology – and certainly one that is yet to gain recognition in all circles – positive psychology is nonetheless growing in credibility as organisations around […]

The value of happiness in the workplace

Positive feedback is crucial in the workplace, as happier employees are more likely to achieve success, according to a Haas School of Business study. While traditional workplace reviews have focused on what individuals should improve or do better, a 360 degree survey based on Leaderskill’s Leader/Manager Model™ is designed to promote the strengths and positives. This […]

The importance of receiving positive feedback

Positive employee feedback is a vital consideration for any business environment, as managers and workers can benefit from increased confidence. Businesses require the right conditions to thrive in the increasingly competitive corporate world. Having a confident team at the helm is one of the defining factors to growth and success. Leader behaviour is reflected in […]