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360 Feedback: Feedback from Subordinates

Getting feedback about your leadership and managerial methods is absolutely vital to improvement. It offers insight in to how your employees perceive you, where you excel, and where you may be falling short, but it isn’t all that easy to obtain, as many employees are hesitant to criticise their superiors. This is one of the […]

Employee Feedback

This is an ‘edgy’ post. We in no way condone what the protagonist in this piece did to others during his lifetime. In fact, most of what he did goes completely against everything we believe in and strive to achieve in our society. It actually makes us a bit uncomfortable to include it here. So why put it […]

360 Feedback

The methodology behind offering employee feedback has changed considerably in recent years. Far from the top-down method of yesteryear, when only immediate managers were offering their judgement of a workers’ performance, this process has been altered as more stakeholders have had their input heard. Managers have realised the importance of gaining a better picture of […]