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Free eBook! 360 Degree Feedback – The Critical Success Factors

From manager development to organisational culture change – the range of benefits that can be achieved with a well-designed 360 degree feedback program is very broad. Feedback is the prime mechanism for learning and change. Without it, we are doomed to continue doing what we have always done. With it, we can begin to understand the impact of our actions on others and work together for positive change.

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Successful 360 degree feedback using Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is at the core of 360 degree surveys that are based on Leaderskill’s Leader/Manager Model™. In essence, AI revolves around the belief that what you focus on is what grows – if you highlight and draw attention to someone’s strengths, they are likely to develop.

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The benefits of honest feedback

Feedback has long been considered one of the most powerful motivational tools, helping to push recipients towards achieving more and improving performance in the workplace.

“Opening our minds to observations made by others can also assist us in self-reflection, altering our perspective of a situation, and thereby enhancing our capacity to change, grow and develop.”

Ruth Blenkiron, Director of Human Resources, the University of South Australia

Despite this, businesses fail to understand the importance of managerial feedback – that is, feedback given by workers.

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Why drive employee engagement?

Employee engagement across a workforce can often seem like an unattainable objective, but it’s one that businesses need to consider in order to stay productive and keep employees motivated.

Staff who aren’t engaged often waste time, resources and effort as they’re not concerned with the wellbeing of the company. It is the engaged staff who are more willing to fix problems, and address concerns raised by managers and help fellow employees.

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