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We make a difference for all leaders, teams, employees & stakeholders

Developing leaders and teams is not a one-off event, but an ongoing process that must be regularly nurtured through the right experiences, focused discussion and support. This is the approach that we take with all our programs. We believe that feedback is essential to this process because it provides the initial direction for where to focus. Every person in an organisation brings their own unique set of skills and experience. We believe in growing people’s strengths and promoting confidence, helping them become leaders and contributors at every level – that is Distributed Leadership.

No matter what industry or workplace, we can help

Every workplace is different, but each can benefit from strengths-based feedback to continually develop people and performance. At Leaderskill, we work with you to determine the right development program and 360 degree feedback or organisational survey to foster collaboration and improve productivity in your workplace.

Developing Leaders

Help your leaders grow their capabilities and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues, staff, other teams and stakeholders.

360 Degree Feedback

Use strengths-based 360 degree feedback as the basis for long-term professional development for your managers and staff.

Organisational Surveys

Find out the key information to engage your people and make the right decisions for your organisation with staff and stakeholder surveys.

Leadership development

We know that leadership development is an ongoing process and not a one-time event

Leadership is about understanding the organisation’s challenge and bringing people together in a way that gets them excited to achieve it. It’s about empowering people to contribute and helping them work together in an open and collaborative way to achieve more than any of them could do on their own – the synergy that leads to performance.

Getting the right feedback is fundamentally important

Mounting research is showing that feedback, coaching and learning, being accountable for achieving goals, and focused team facilitation are key practices to leadership development and to help people learn and make changes. They just have to be done consistently, and in the right way.

We focus on strengths-based feedback to develop leaders

Our approach to leadership development is to help people understand the behaviours that have the biggest impact on their performance and people they work with. We use strengths-based 360 degree feedback to help participants in leadership development programs understand the needs of others and explore new ways to grow their skills through ongoing leadership development.

Developing Leaders 360 degree feedback
360 degree feedback debrief

360 degree feedback

We make feedback easy

Getting accurate, helpful feedback that will inspire people to grow and take the actions needed to make change in their work practices is different. It requires a special kind of low-threat feedback that supports an environment where people feel free to speak up and where there is no fear about contributing ideas. Feedback is critical for leadership development.

We follow a unique non-judgemental process

Traditional 360 degree surveys often cause anxiety because people come away feeling ‘judged’ by their respondents – “How could they say that about me?” That is where Leaderskill’s suite of Leader/Manager 360 degree surveys are different. Our unique, low-threat, non-judgemental method for gathering feedback makes it easier for participants to receive and provides immediate ideas about they can do to make positive changes.

This feedback is the perfect starting point for the ongoing coaching and leadership development work that will help participants make lasting changes. It is also provides the basis for a powerful facilitated session with manager and team to build on their combined strengths and create a culture of openness, accountability and productivity.

We customise to meet client needs

Alternatively, if you have your own feedback model that you would like to use, we are very experienced at implementing and hosting high quality custom surveys to meet the needs of your specific context.

Organisational surveys

No matter what your goals, we can help you get the feedback you need

What do your people know that you don’t? How do they really feel about your organisation? What do they need in order to become fully engaged? What are your leadership development needs?

We help you make the right decisions

Making good organisational decisions and planning for the future is highly dependent on accurately understanding your staff’s and stakeholder’s perceptions, needs and expectations. The consequences of these decisions can impact the future of the entire organisation – its success or failure. This is information that you must know!

We bring professional survey expertise and experience

Leaderskill’s organisational surveys help you understand the critical aspects of your culture that show you whether you are bringing your people with you or leaving them behind. Building an engaged workforce has a significant impact on the bottom line. We have staff and employee surveys, engagement and culture surveys, stakeholder surveys created by experts in their fields for every kind of situation.

Comprehensive 360 degree and organisational survey reports

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