It has been firmly established that feedback in the workplace can have a marked impact upon an individual’s productivity, and their ability to function and focus on the task at hand. The difficulty lies in the presentation of such critiques. Historically, managers have erred on highlighting weaknesses within an individual, offering a glimpse in to their perceived shortcomings. This is less than ideal, for both the employee and the firm at large.

At Leaderskill, we are firm believers in the logic that lies behind feedback given in a strengths-based manner. Our belief in this system has been repeatedly backed up by empirical human resources research: employees who are praised for what they bring to the company and the workplace, rather than being chastised for their failings, tend to function considerably better in the aftermath of the interview with their superiors. The reason for this is quite simple.

It is due to the impact of positivity. An employee who is operating with a more positive outlook towards his or her work projects his energy to his workplace at large, while producing at a higher level, and creating a more positive workspace for both him and his coworkers. They exhibit more enthusiasm and interest in their daily occupations, and this brings about positive mental changes among their peers.

Clearly, there are benefits to such an employee. But how best to identify those positive traits and extoll them? At Leaderskill, we are your experts at tapping in to that positive energy. We bring an experienced team of experts intent on showing you, and your workforce, how best to offer strengths-based feedback and gain the power of positivity for your workplace.

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