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From manager development to organisational culture change – the range of benefits that can be achieved with a well-designed 360 degree feedback program is very broad. Feedback is the prime mechanism for learning and change. Without it, we are doomed to continue doing what we have always done. With it, we can begin to understand the impact of our actions on others and work together for positive change.

Feedback from the people we work with is essential to making good decisions and responding effectively to varied situations, and yet it can be very hard to give and receive feedback in a constructive way. Think of the times you have wanted to say something important to a more senior manager but have hesitated because of how s/he might react. “Will she understand me?” “Will he get angry?” “Will I get angry?” “Will it affect my job or career prospects?” These are the questions people in organisations ask themselves every day, and often hold back vital information in the process.

So, how do we obtain the widest range of benefits from feedback while at the same time respecting
and supporting everyone involved? That is the question we address in this paper.