Are you looking for a breakthrough in the way your leaders lead?

Leaderskill’s feedback-based development methodologies help you build an organisation where everyone can embody leadership.

Growing leadership capability

Whether you are leading an organisation, responsible for its culture, or working collaboratively as a consultant, we can help you build the leadership capability of your people, achieve your organisational aims and make real change over time.
360° Feedback

We guide and support you to implement strengths-based 360 degree feedback as the basis for the long-term development of your leaders, managers and staff.


With our comprehensive resources to support the ongoing leadership development of your participants, we help you maximise the benefits of the feedback.


We provide you with the training, resources and mentoring you need to successfully implement feedback and leadership development programs in your organisation.

The right feedback for development

We all need feedback to learn. To be effective, it has to be meaningful, relevant and framed in a way that we can accept and gain value from.

Leaderskill has pioneered a unique, needs-based approach to 360 degree feedback that gives people immediate direction for action without them feeling ‘judged’.

Whether your industry is health, education, government or private sector, we have research-based 360 feedback frameworks relevant for your organisation and participants at every level. We can also work with you to develop and host your own completely customised 360 surveys.

360 degree feedback for development
Leadership as a daily practice

Leadership as a daily practice​

Turning feedback and good intentions into consistent daily action is fundamental to the success of any leadership program. It is also the area where participants often struggle the most.

To ensure your participants adopt new practices of leadership, Leaderskill has developed a range of comprehensive resources and guides which, when combined with ongoing development and coaching conversations, help participants build their leadership capabilities.

Partnering with you

The impact of your program also depends on how you prepare your people, facilitate the feedback, and support the ongoing development of your participants. Our accreditation training gives you the skills to do all of these well.

We provide you with training and mentoring, advice and planning to support you as you implement your program. We partner with you to help you achieve the highest level of results and ROI.

We also manage the administration of your surveys so that you can focus on developing your participants.

Our Clients

Here are some of the organisations who use our feedback programs to develop their leaders and teams.


"The Leader/Manager model is very, very good and has benefits well beyond the obvious and advertised purpose. A powerful, multi-dimensional tool."
Eddie paterson
Executive Coach, Telstra
"Having been the recipient of other 360s, it was great to find one aligned with the way I think. It has unique strengths. It does a great job of gathering and presenting feedback in a way that connects with the individual."
Liz Reyer
Consultant-Coach, USA
"The most significant intervention we have undertaken. Influenced the growth and learning of all our leaders and managers."
David Capozzalo
OD Manager, SADAF

Leadership Insights

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