Specialised 360s & Surveys

Custom surveys and feedback for individuals, teams and organisational development

Feedback for special purposes

We often work with clients who want to use feedback in contexts that are different from our main leadership-focused 360s.

To meet these varied needs, we have developed a broad range of feedback surveys that include:

  • Completely custom 360s, 180s and self-assessment surveys based on your own models, scales and report design requirements.
  • Employee engagement, stakeholder surveys and staff surveys as the basis for organisational development.
  • 180 feedback and self-assessments such as the Leader/Manager Styles and Team Styles personal insight tools to support learning on group development programs.
  • Mini-360s to provide interim feedback between full 360s.
  • 360 feedback for peers, team members and individual contributors.
  • Feedback for self-managed teams.
  • Change agent 360s for people whose roles focus on implementing change projects.
  • Expert 360s for special contexts such as boards of directors.

All surveys include our user-friendly interface, responsive customer support, high-quality feedback reports and development resources.

360 degree feedback for special purposes

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