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360 Accreditation

Our accreditation training enables you to embed 360 feedback as a development process in your own organisation. It also gives you access to our comprehensive leadership development resources to use in your own programs.

Leaderskill’s accreditation process has been developed over 30 years to give facilitators and consultants the training and skills they need to run successful feedback programs using the unique features of our strengths-based 360 degree feedback surveys.

We also provide ongoing mentoring for accredited facilitators to help you work through any situation where you are using feedback.

Leaderskill 360 Accreditation
360 degree feedback accreditation

Working together

We collaborate with you to understand your needs and outcomes, make recommendations based on our experience, and help you implement solutions that will develop your people and the organisation.

For external consultants, or if you already have internal facilitators in your organisation, it is very cost effective to become accredited with us to deliver 360 degree feedback as part of your own development programs. For smaller groups of participants, or when working with more senior teams, we can provide one of our experienced accredited consultants to run the program for you.

What's involved in accreditation?

We accredit consultants and facilitators using either face-to-face or videoconference workshops with a comprehensive range of training resources. We give you detailed guidance on how to run your own feedback programs, including presentation slides and program delivery materials. We also provide ongoing support by phone and email.

Accreditation Level 1

Our foundational training gives you everything you need to run a successful feedback and debriefing program. Our approach emphasises building on strengths right from the start. You can launch the program, prepare participants to receive their feedback, and coach them with their results to drive their development.

Accreditation Level 2

Accreditation Level 2 supports you to use our unique Appreciative Inquiry-based manager and team facilitation methodology to help participants use the feedback as a starting point to work through real team issues in a positive and productive way. This is the most powerful way to extend the use of the 360 degree feedback, resulting in maximum buy-in, performance improvement and development of a collaborative culture.

360 degree feedback accreditation resources

About Leaderskill

Leaderskill’s mission is to help people in all types of organisations relate to each other more effectively, find meaning and purpose in their work and contribute to the success of their organisation as well as the future of our planet.

Support at every step

From the initial design and implementation of your program through to measuring the results, you have our expertise and guidance to ensure your success.

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