"The future of our world will depend on the quality of the leadership that we bring to it..."   Dylan Forbes, Director

About Leaderskill

Leaderskill was founded by the late Dr Ronald Forbes in 1978 as a trail-blazing consultancy dedicated to helping organisations throughout Australia and overseas to transform their management cultures from directive hierarchies to participative team environments where people at all levels could contribute and practice the skills of leadership.

Throughout his many years of working with organisations, Ronald pioneered the training and use of Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Accelerated Learning, strengths-based 360-degree feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry and more.

During the 1990s, Ronald’s son, Dylan Forbes, who shared the same values, joined the Leaderskill team and later took over as Managing Director, the role he holds to this day. He sees the skills of leadership as the single most important factor that will determine our collective future.

Our aim has always been, and will always be, to make a positive difference in the world. Let’s do that together.

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About Leaderskill

Leaderskill’s mission is to help people in all types of organisations relate to each other more effectively, find meaning and purpose in their work and contribute to the success of their organisation as well as the future of our planet.

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