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Here are some of the organisations who use our feedback programs to develop their leaders and teams.

We work with a wide range of private and public organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally. We have worked extensively with the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW Sydney, NSW Health, NSW Police Force, Western Sydney University, Australian National University (ANU) and many others to provide innovative feedback solutions for leader and manager development. Our accredited consultants have broad experience in working with large organisations and SMEs to achieve long-term results.

Leaderskill is a ‘fully prequalified’ provider under the NSW Government Prequalified Scheme.


"The Leader/Manager model is very, very good and has benefits well beyond the obvious and advertised purpose. A powerful, multi-dimensional tool."
Eddie paterson
Executive Coach, Telstra
"Having been the recipient of other 360s, it was great to find one aligned with the way I think. It has unique strengths. It does a great job of gathering and presenting feedback in a way that connects with the individual."
Liz Reyer
Consultant-Coach, USA
"The most significant intervention we have undertaken. Influenced the growth and learning of all our leaders and managers."
David Capozzalo
OD Manager, SADAF

About Leaderskill

Leaderskill’s mission is to help people in all types of organisations relate to each other more effectively, find meaning and purpose in their work and contribute to the success of their organisation as well as the future of our planet.

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