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Why positive psychology works

Given its effects on human behaviour and motivation, there is strong reason to believe that positive psychology is a key to improving leadership performance. Still a somewhat new area of

Take care when giving negative feedback

There has been a long-held practice in the management world that makes use of negative performance feedback to focus employees on correcting their flaws and improving their output at work.

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Published articles and whitepapers by Leaderskill about feedback for leadership development.

Start-up Mega Planning – A Case History

Published Article: Forbes, Ronald, Dylan Forbes & Peter Hoskins (2005). Start-up Mega Planning – A Case History. Performance Improvement Quarterly Vol. 18, No. 3, 2005. Copyright © 2005 Learning Systems

Leadership Development using Team Management Systems

Published Article: Paterson, Anne. (2002). Leadership development using Team Management Systems. Team Management Systems (TMS). A journey through the Team Management Profile in combination with Upward Feedback® (360 Facilitated®) by Anne

A Balanced Scorecard Plus Mega and 360

Published Article: Forbes, Ronald (2000). A Balanced Scorecard Plus Mega and 360 degree feedback. Updated from American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) website T&D Magazine, Sept. 2000. How 360

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Open Communication Through Feedback

Published Article: Forbes, Ronald & Dylan Forbes (1999). Open Communication Through Feedback. Professional Development Series: Becoming an Employer of Choice. Australian Human Resources Institute Conference 29-30 November 1999. How stress

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