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Who we are and why we do what we do

Our Approach

Leaderskill’s mission is to help people in all types of organisations relate to each other more effectively, find meaning and purpose in their work and contribute to the success of their organisation as well as the future of our planet.

We use feedback as the starting point for development; to heighten self-awareness and insight, and to set a direction for professional growth that is both meaningful and relevant. Participants often describe the profound impact the feedback has had on their development – sometimes years after their initial experience.

In all cases, our aim is to increase participants’ ability to use leadership skills in all areas of their work and lives. This builds not only better organisational culture but better communities and, ultimately, our society. These skills are not exclusive to people in leadership roles; they are important for all people in all aspects of our lives: home, friendships, local communities and broader national and international governance.

Leaderskill approach to leadership development

Director and Founder

Dylan Forbes
Dylan Forbes
Managing Director
Dylan's personal mission is to help people relate to each other more effectively so that they can collaborate with purpose and do good things for the planet. He accredits consultants and facilitators in the use of Leaderskill’s 360 Facilitated® process, and oversees the development of the company website and online surveys.

Dylan co-created with Ronald Forbes, "Start-up Mega Planning", an accessible approach to strategic planning that puts society and the environment first, based on the work of long-time friend and colleague, the late Emeritus Prof. Roger Kaufman.
Dr Ronald Forbes
Dr Ronald Forbes
From the launch of Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) in Australia in 1978, the late Ronald Forbes was a driver of innovation, applying cutting-edge technologies such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Accelerated Learning, strengths-based 360 degree feedback, Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry to take up what he described as:

“The continuous challenge to explore and put into practice every discovery that can help people communicate and organise effectively together for the benefit of themselves, society and the environment.”

Our Team

Dave Burton
Associate and Senior Coach
Dave has more than 40 years of experience in leadership development and supporting people to do and be their best. He brings his vast knowledge and insight to the creation of Leaderskill's surveys and programs.
Project Team
Our client programs are managed by a team of experienced project coordinators. They oversee the day-to-day implementation of surveys and provide a high level of client support to ensure the smooth running of programs.
Operations & Support
Behind the scenes, our support team, programmers, system administrators, business development strategists, finance team and more ensure that we are able to focus on the best results for our customers every day.

Collaborating Consultants and Contributors

Don Dunoon
Director, New Futures, Australia
Don collaborates closely with Leaderskill to deliver high-quality feedback and facilitation programs for our clients. His deep understanding of leadership has contributed significantly to Leaderskill's development focus.
Gary Cox
Director, At My Best, Australia
Gary's expertise is in developing leadership in government, schools and education at every level using feedback. He has pioneered the use of strengths-based 360 feedback that focuses on education and state government capability frameworks in QLD and NT.
Dr Julie Stockton
Director, JMS Consulting, Canada
Julie has worked with Leaderskill for more than 20 years in the development and provision of feedback surveys in the University of British Columbia and across Canada.
Business School, UNSW Sydney
For more than 20 years, AGSM course leaders have collaborated closely with Leaderskill to bring Leader/Manager™ and custom-built 360s into their programs for MBA and other students, including the AGSM Leadership 360 and the Change Skills Audit.
John Loty
Director, John Loty & Associates
John is a specialist in Appreciative Inquiry (AI). He co-developed the original AI-style At My Best 360 degree feedback survey with Ronald and Dylan.
Nerrida Barton
Formerly Director of Learning and Development, HNELHD
Nerrida collaborated with Leaderskill to map the NSW PSC Capability Framework with the Leader/Manager™ 360s and co-authored articles about the results of the program.

About Leaderskill

Leaderskill’s mission is to help people in all types of organisations relate to each other more effectively, find meaning and purpose in their work and contribute to the success of their organisation as well as the future of our planet.

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