About Leaderskill Group

Our Mission

At Leaderskill, our Mission is to bring people together in every walk of life in the pursuit of organisational goals that are ethical and sustainable. This translates to engagement – the organisation where everyone loves their work, cooperation is endemic, and performance is always high. We believe that a better world starts with feedback.

Our history

Now in our fifth decade of innovation, our aim has always been to maximise the contributions that people and their organisations make to each other through the use of facilitative Leadership, teamwork, communication skills and feedback.

Leaderskill has pioneered the use of Accelerated Learning in training and development, helped establish Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Australia, and incorporated Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) into all our work. We have also developed a unique team facilitation approach based on 360-degree feedback.

This same intention led us to introduce Peter Farey’s Leader/Manager 360-degree feedback surveys (Upward Feedback®) to Australia in 1994 and begin direct processing on the Internet in 1999. This core 360-degree feedback program has been used internationally by our accredited consultants and clients in the private and public sectors.


Today, Leaderskill brings together Australian and international experts in the support of our clients in their process of transformation and growth. We are active in public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, USA and UK.

In addition to our Leader/Manager 360-degree surveys, the extensive capabilities of our online survey system cater for a very wide range of custom surveys, including staff and climate surveys, stakeholder surveys, corporate governance, mystery shopping and call centres. The Entente Trust Survey uses a powerful graphical model to demonstrate how trust is perceived in your organisation.

What our clients say

“The Leader/Manager model is very, very good and has benefits well beyond the obvious purpose. Coachees really value its ‘face validity’, its power and ease of use in understanding the causes of the need for change, and in formulating meaningful action plans. The process explores the drivers of, and barriers to, performance at the individual, team and organisational level and provides the means to improve performance. It is a powerful, multi-dimensional tool!”

Eddie PatersonExecutive Coach, Telstra

“What better way to look at one’s self than through the eyes of the people you rely upon to get the mission accomplished? The Program was so successful that we rolled it out to our entire Division, providing an opportunity for all staff to contribute, and for all supervisors and key people to benefit from the feedback in a way that enabled everyone to plan effective, targeted and structured improvement. We are using the information to build Individual Development Plans.”

ManagerSmithsonian Institution, USA

“Leaderskill Group has assisted our strategic planning with their Mega Planning methodology for over seven years.

In the paper we presented, I estimated that Defence Consulting had saved between 5 and 8 million dollars – without counting the savings to our stakeholders, including government – just on the redevelopment of the historical Randwick Barracks site in Sydney.”

Peter HoskinsPrincipal, Woods Bagot

Director and Founder

Dylan Forbes

Dylan Forbes

Director, B.Sc. Psych (Hon.), Master Pr. NLP

One of Dylan’s key roles as director of the company is to build vision and set direction. At the same time he partners directly with clients to better understand their needs and design programs that deliver their intended results. He accredits consultants and facilitators in the use of Leaderskill’s 360 Facilitated® process, and oversees the development of the Leaderskill website and online surveys.

Following his concern for the wellbeing of the environment and future generations, he co-created with Dr Ronald Forbes Start-up Mega Planning, a simple approach to strategic planning that puts society and the environment first, based on the work of long-term associate Emeritus Prof. Roger Kaufman.

Dr Ronald Forbes

Dr Ronald Forbes

Founder, BSc, Diplôme, PhD, Master Pr. NLP

From the launch of Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) in Australia in 1978, Ronald was a driver of innovation, applying cutting edge technologies such as Accelerated Learning, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry, to take up what he described as:

“The continuous challenge to explore and put into practice every discovery that can help people communicate and organise effectively together for the benefit of themselves, society and the environment“.

Our Team

Margaret Lucanus

Client Manager

Margaret has over 20 years of experience in delivering a wide range of survey projects - large and small - across all industries. She oversees the day-to-day management of surveys and ensures that all our clients have an easy and professional experience. All our clients love her!

Rachelle Perez


For more than 15 years, Rachelle has worked to keep the heart of Leaderskill running smoothly. She ensures that we have everything we need when we need it so that we can deliver our highest level of service to clients. We all love her!

Operations and Support Team


Behind the scenes, our support team, programmers, system administrators, business development strategists, financial advisors and more ensure that our business runs smoothly every day. Everything we do focuses on the best results for our customers.

Collaborating Consultants and Contributors

Gary Cox

Director, New Directions

Gary is an expert in developing teachers and school leaders at every level using feedback. He also leads in mapping the Capability and Leadership Framework (CLF) of the Queensland Public Service to the Leader/Manager Model™.

Dave Burton

Director, Potential Development, New Zealand

Dave is a close associate of Leaderskill Group. He drives leadership development through feedback and prepares surveys for special client requirements such as Sports and Recreation, NZ; and Fletcher Construction.

Don Dunoon

Director, New Futures, Australia

Don collaborates closely with Leaderskill to deliver high-quality feedback and facilitation programs for our clients.


Australian School of Business, NSW

Over 20 years, Course Leaders have supported development of the Leader/Manager Model™. During that time we have assisted with the AGSM Leadership, Change Skills and Change Agent surveys.

Peter R Farey

Peter was the originator of Upward Feedback® in 1974 and, later, created the Leader/Manager Model™ surveys and their unique scale. He contributed to Leaderskill’s survey development for over 25 years.

Dr Julie Stockton

Human Resources Manager at University of British Colombia, Canada

Julie has collaborated with us for 20 years in the development and provision of surveys across Canada.

ICMOE, University of South Australia

Tricia Vilkinas, Professor of Management, and Greg Cartan

We host their Academic Leadership 360 degree surveys – the first 360 degree feedback to thoroughly assess academic leadership performance in Australian universities.

Prof. Emeritus Roger Kaufman

Creator of Mega Planning

From the work of Prof. Emeritus Roger Kaufman we developed Start-up Mega Planning.

John Loty

John Loty & Associates

John is a specialist in Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Co-developer of the AI-style AtMyBest™ 360 degree feedback survey.

Peter Kaye

GM of Consultgroup

Peter specialises in Corporate Governance, Directors and Due Diligence in the Not For Profit area, with Alexander Bailey. Peter holds many senior positions in the community.

Cameron and Associates

Adjunct Prof. Patricia Cameron and Dr Warrington Cameron

Cameron and Associates have delivered 360 Facilitated® programs extensively in State and Federal Government and have contributed to the design of surveys that have been adapted to the Australian Public Service.

Nerrida Barton

Nerrida is a Director in NSW Health Pathology. She has collaborated with Leaderskill to map NSW PSC Capability Framework wtih the Leader/Manager Model™ and co-authored articles on the program.

Vanessa Hall

Entente Consulting

Vanessa is an Australian and international guru on Trust. Leaderskill assisted with development of her organisational Trust survey that we host.

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