360 Degree Feedback

Non-judgemental 360 Degree Feedback

Leaderskill Group offers a unique range of strengths-based, low-threat 360 degree feedback surveys and development planning resources to help people learn from others in a positive, supportive way, and to make lasting changes in their behaviour.

Every person in an organisation brings their own set of skills and experience. We believe in helping people grow their strengths and create an environment that allows them to become even better leaders and contributors.

‘Leaderskill uses a ‘Strengths’ focus & ‘Low Threat’ approach incorporating Appreciative Inquiry. One of our aims is to ensure ‘Judgement-Free’ feedback.’

Dylan Forbes, Director, Leaderskill Group

Our unique approach to 360 degree feedback allows respondents an easier platform on which to offer feedback, and for participants to receive it. This methodology has been proven successful across a wide cultural range, including those more traditional areas where feedback is not accepted easily.

Our survey or yours?

Our broad range of experience and wide offerings of learning interfaces allows a number of different approaches, from creating a new 360 feedback survey for your purposes, to simply improving upon your existing survey. We will not rest until you have the outcome you want.

Our industry-customized reports are designed to be easily interpreted and capable of customisation to any industry, to ensure that they provide actionable feedback which encourages collaboration and improves your organisation’s productivity.

Customisable 360 degree feedback reports

Leader/Manager Surveys

At Leaderskill, we place our focus on the creation of leaders, and our selection of Leader and Manager 360 feedback surveys identify the potential for leadership in an individual while creating an open exchange of ideas for improvement. Rather than utilising the classis black-and-white, Good and Bad methods, our surveys are geared to obtain strengths-based feedback in a low-threat manner, encouraging these future leaders to either do more or do less of a range of managerial practices.

Our surveys are based on the holistic leader/manager Model™ of Peter Farey, and cover all aspects of Leadership and Management (the ‘future’ and the ‘present’, respectively) for both People and Tasks. This focus allows the issues requiring attention to help your managers and groups and improve their processes. They further include indicators supporting the development of Emotional Intelligence, using this information to guide behaviour and thought processes.

Getting the most from your non-manageral staff with At My Best® feedback

360 feedback is by no means limited to those gearing up for a move towards management. At My Best feedback is designed for all employees, and focuses on their personal strengths with an intention of allowing them to continue developing, and avoid stagnation.

Surveys incorporating the specific needs of your organisation

To allow for a cross-sector application of our surveys, and to ensure that the feedback aligns with your particular industry, we have placed a great deal of focus on the flexibility of our approach. We base our approach directly on you; we believe that your knowledge of your own organisation is the most intimate. We focus our energy on your core capabilities and system of values to either design a 360 feedback survey, or to allow you to design your own, with each element of the process customised to you.

Special purpose surveys

Our 360 feedback surveys can be targeted for any managerial need: teams, stakeholders, boards of directors, change agents, suppliers, or for specific areas within the business, such as communication.

Experienced facilitation support

It’s your choice: We can facilitate the feedback, or we can accredit a member of your team

Feedback is vital for any organisation. It is a conversation starter, breeding discussion and insight on the end goals and aims of the corporate body, which can then be made actionable and over time, fulfilled. At Leaderskill, we provide you with the resources you need to help your people reach the heights they were destined for, either through our facilitator training, or through a member of our experienced team of consultants.

We use Appreciative Inquiry to assist in team facilitation

Group efforts can be the most dynamic. Team efforts involve collaboration, debate, and negotiation, and a Leader/Manager 360 feedback survey can be the finest method of tapping in to this energy, both for managers and their teams, or groups of managers. Because it focuses on the possibility of one person making a discernible difference, Leader/manager 360 feedback is able to successfully build on the existing strengths notion of Appreciate Inquiry, and using them to improve the group.

We can train your internal facilitators to lead the most constructive team sessions. If you don’t have a facilitator, one of our experienced accredited consultants can work with you to help build morale and open up communications among the group members.

360 degree feedback team facilitation
Easy-to-use online surveys

Proven 360 degree feedback process

We can help you succeed

At Leaderskill, we prefer measureable success, and we set up measures for Return on Investment (ROI) to indicate the efficiency of our development measures. Through our expertise and consultation with you, we set up a program of feedback to ensure your goals are reached, while offering assurance to your workforce about the feedback and development program.

An easy, safe, and confidential process

Our process was built with an emphasis on security and user-friendliness. You can either manage it on your own, or we can cover your processes. The system features reminders for participants, and provides high-quality reports, statistics reports, and professional development plans, immediately once the questionnaires are returned.

Multi-Level support

We will never leave you out to dry. Our teams offer multi-level support across all of our learning and feedback platforms, so you’re never out of the loop.

Comprehensive, understandable reports

Our 360 feedback means little if it is not interpretable.

Our clear feedback formatting and layout allows you to easily understand opportunities for change, along with the abundant graphs and diagrams, making interpretation a breeze.

Easy to read 360 degree feedback profiles and reports
360 degree feedback complete development package

The complete development planning package

Professional development begins with feedback, but participants need ongoing support and guidance to make the changes that will have the biggest impact.

Our Leader/Manager 360 degree feedback surveys include a complete package of development resources to ensure participants are guided to make the most of their feedback.

    • Easy to understand 360 degree feedback survey profile/report with EI Behaviours
    • Comprehensive professional development plan (PDP) populated with live data from the 360 degree profile/report
    • Leader/Manager Types™ personal insight tool that helps managers understand their preferred style as a Leader/Manager
    • Comprehensive Leader/Manager Guide™ that shows managers what they can do to develop in different areas

Simple administration & responsive support

Participants can set up and manage their own surveys. We can look after the whole process for you, but if you want to do it yourself, we are here to support via phone or email. We’ll even help you install the 360 Facilitated® survey system on your intranet if that’s the method that works best for you. All data is securely stored on our Australian-hosted servers.

For a more high-level review of the survey data, you can access statistical aggregate reports online.

User-friendly online surveys