Organisational & Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys & Organisational Surveys

In order to come to the correct conclusions about their organisations and their workforces, business leaders need the right information. At Leaderskill, we have developed a wide range of employee and staff surveys, stakeholder surveys, and climate surveys, intended to look deeply in to the heart of your enterprise, while providing and promoting positive development throughout. Our powerful and flexible survey engine is able to host any of our wide range of surveys, including our special purpose organisational surveys, products designed by experts in their respective fields.

‘Whether you need off-the-shelf and proven employee surveys or a full customised organisational survey, Leaderskill has the expertise and experience to ensure success.’

Dylan Forbes, Director, Leaderskill Group

Our experience has offered us an innovative and discrete method of allowing respondents to give feedback, and for participants to receive it. Our process has been able to provide successful results across a diverse range of cultural settings, including those less accepting of feedback.

Our survey or yours?

We offer the chance to make use of one of our proven surveys, improve an existing survey of yours, or to create an entirely new one, specific to your needs.

Regardless of your choice, our outstanding range of details and useable web interfaces means your satisfaction with the results is never in doubt.

Our easily-interpreted results can be customised for your industry and capability framework, to provide useful guidance to your employee base that will improve productivity.

We offer proven Off-the-Shelf™ surveys

  • Employee Surveys / Staff Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Leaderskill’s Engagement Survey
  • Entente’s Trust Survey
  • Consultgroup’s Corporate Governance surveys
  • Consultgroup’s Mystery Shopping surveys
  • Mind Action Sales’ call centre surveys

We can easily customise surveys to meet client needs

  • Employee surveys
  • Engagement surveys
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Corporate governance surveys
  • Climate surveys

Experienced consulting analysis and advice

We can help you get necessary feedback, no matter your goal.

Employee surveys offer insight in to the mindset of your employee base. They reveal how your organisation is viewed from the standpoint of your employee base and what is missing in the quest for total engagement.

We encourage good decisions

How can one plan for the future without accurate information about the present? It is impossible to adequately evaluate future needs without proper knowledge of staff and stakeholder perceptions, needs, and expectations. And because these decisions can have a notable impact on the future of your business, this is information that you simply must know.

We offer Australia’s finest professional survey experience and knowledge

Any and all organisations rely on their human potential to succeed. At Leaderskill, we know that properly motivating and encouraging your workforce is the key to bringing them along with you, and that workplace culture can be a large part of inherent job satisfaction. We pride ourselves on offering staff and employee surveys, culture and engagement surveys, and stakeholder surveys, expertly created by leaders in their field, for a broad range of situations.

Easy to read organisational surveys

Easy-to-use online surveys

Proven survey process

We develop an atmosphere to succeed

At Leaderskill, we identify what your feedback goals are while organising measures for Return on Investment (ROI). Through these consultations, we design a program of feedback that will allow you to reach your desired outcomes, while preparing your corporate culture for the process.

A safe, easy, and confidential process

We assist in launching the survey, utilising our easy-to-use and secure online survey system. We offer to manage the process, or will happily advise you on how to do it yourself. The system incorporates polite reminders to participants, to ensure that they complete their survey on time, from which reports are then made immediately available, along with professional development plans and statistic aggregate reports.

Multi-level support

We offer guidance on how to use feedback results for future planning, business growth and teachings, with help from our facilitators, or through your own staff.

Comprehensive, easy to interpret reports

Having an ‘ear to the ground’ at your organisation is crucial to planning out the next phase of success.

Our wide range of innovative employee and staff surveys, stakeholder, and climate surveys allow you to realise their best direction for proper engagement.

The produced reports from our vaunted surveys are easy to understand and even easier to action in to positive change in the workplace. The clear format of the reports, along with the visual aids provided in the form of graphs and diagrams and the included consulting analysis, means our clients can easily identify areas in need of change.

These reports are offered as high-quality PDFs directly from our website, with an interface reflecting the same ease of use as the surveys themselves. They will help your organisational decision-making, and allow you to make changes to successfully understand, support, and engage with your base of employees.

Comprehensive survey reports
User-friendly organisational surveys

Support on every level

We want you to reach your goals, so our support is comprehensive, responsive, and professional. From the outset of the process through to measuring the results, we stand with you to ensure that your program is a successful one.

Our professional developmental resources, as well as our online system, are secure and user-friendly. We provide full support by phone and email.

We offer program management services, or we can support your organisation in running it yourselves. We offer top-quality training of internal facilitators to speak with your participants, or we can provide a consultant to work with you.