Our Approach

Our Approach

Leaderskill’s Mission is to bring people together in the pursuit of organisational goals that are ethical and sustainable. This translates to ‘Engagement’ – the organisation where people love their work, cooperation is endemic, and performance is high!

“At the heart of everything we do is our desire to help people and organisations grow through the use of humane, empowering initiatives to develop leaders and teams. We use state of the art, strengths-based feedback and facilitation techniques to facilitate professional development and team building.”

Dylan Forbes, Director, Leaderskill Group

We take time to fully understand the needs of our clients within the context of their organisational goals, and ensure that development programs will achieve their intended results.

Our innovative methods for development

  • Non-judgemental 360 degree feedback

    Our holistic Leader/Manager 360 degree feedback surveys use a special non-judgemental scale that helps managers stay receptive, get more from their feedback, and connect with their teams. It leads straight to actions, fast engagement and culture change.

  • Strengths-based development

    From feedback to facilitation, our approach is to help individuals and teams identify and build on their strengths to meet the challenges of their changing situations and bring out the positive contribution in every employee.

  • Appreciative Inquiry (AI) facilitation

    When we first heard about Appreciative Inquiry more than 10 years ago, it was an immediate fit for us. Since then, we have continually reshaped our solutions to incorporate the AI approach by focusing on what is working really well in organisations and teams, and then extending them. It influences everything we do – facilitate from the positive; transform problems into opportunities.

  • Organisational feedback

    Leaders need the right information to make good decisions for their organisations. Leaderskill has developed a range of cutting-edge staff, employee, climate and stakeholder surveys that go right to the heart of your organisation’s culture while supporting positive development within departments and teams. We have a powerful, flexible survey engine that hosts surveys of every kind, including special purpose organisational surveys designed by experts in their fields.

  • Accelerated Learning (AL)

    We introduced Accelerated Learning to Australia to benefit from the latest techniques in experiential learning and ensure that all our programs are engaging and stimulating. We immerse participants in multi-sensory experiences that identify their learning needs and help them absorb what is critical.

  • Mega Planning

    Above all, we want to make a positive difference in the World. Professor Roger Kaufman’s Mega Planning gives us the basis to do this. It starts by defining the ideal World we want to live in and then deciding what part we want to make happen. It puts Sustainability in the plan – that’s Mega Planning.

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