Receiving 360 Degree Feedback From Team Members

Getting feedback about your leadership and managerial behaviours is absolutely vital to focus your development. It offers insight in to how your team members perceive you, where you excel, and where you may not be meeting their needs. However, open and honest feedback isn’t always that easy to obtain, as many team members are hesitant to provide feedback that they think might be taken as criticism of their manager. This is one of the reasons why Leaderskill’s 360 surveys use anonymous feedback.

There have been many methods of gaining feedback from team members throughout the ages. Julius Caesar was well-known for touring the front lines of his army, intent on rallying the troops, ensuring that they knew he was fighting alongside them, and evaluating the performance and feedback of his generals first-hand. He knew that staying personally on top of any issues, and knowing the inner workings of a team, is vital to effective and productive management.

Asking your employees for feedback directly, and often, creates an environment of open communication within the group. Encouraging broad and inclusive discussion keeps issues out in the open and allows them to be fleshed out immediately among each stakeholder or worker within a project.

There are psychological elements as well. Asking for feedback helps your team members feel that they are active participants in the running of the team, modelling taking their feedback seriously and making changes as a result. Team members become stakeholders in the organisation.

At Leaderskill, we believe constant development is the path to success. Our 360 feedback guides your leaders and managers to learn from their team members and take these insights on board.

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