The value of positivity in the workplace

In recent years, there has been a growing realisation that putting appreciation into words and providing feedback about a person’s strengths is crucial to creating a productive workplace. It boosts morale and the desire to perform at a higher level. A repeated research finding, such as that of a study Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, is that happier employees are more likely to achieve success. While traditional workplace reviews have focused on what individuals should improve or do better, a 360 degree survey based on Leaderskill’s Leader/Manager Model™ balances development with the strengths and positives, starting with the unique needs-based feedback scale itself.

Benefits of positive emotions at work

The Haas study reveals that positive emotions in the workplace can result in three particular beneficial employee outcomes. With a focus on affirmative feedback, individuals are likely to experience increased work achievement, job enrichment and a “supportive social context”.

Essentially, this refers to an environment in which colleagues are more supportive of happier individuals, due to the mutually beneficial rewards of positivity.

Happiness and positive feedback are not only advantageous for the recipient, according to the Haas study. In fact, positivity can change the perceptions and relationships within the working environment. When one employee expresses positive emotions, others are more likely to look favourably upon that person.

Positivity builds morale

The person feeling happy is also likely to respond positively to their colleagues, increasing their willingness to help others and create social bonds.

This is not only likely to build morale and enthusiasm but can also improve productivity due to “enhanced cognitive functioning”, the report explained. Furthermore, positive emotions often result in people feeling more optimistic about success, leading to improved outcomes due to the internal belief that achievements are possible.

Strengths-based feedback offers a positive approach

With this in mind, it is easy to see why providing affirmative, strengths-based feedback is important. While employee reviews are a crucial part of any workplace environment, negativity and criticism often cause concern and upset among the individual recipients.

Fortunately, quality employee engagement outcomes can easily be achieved with a facilitated Leader/Manager 360 degree survey. By investing in this low-threat solution, employers can encourage workers to share strengths-based feedback that inspires their positive emotions.

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