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The benefits of honest feedback

Feedback has long been considered one of the most powerful motivational tools, helping to push recipients towards achieving more and improving performance in the workplace. “Opening our minds to observations

safer clearer more authentic conversations

Boost engagement with 360 degree feedback

Employee engagement is a vital consideration for all managers. Fortunately, a strengths-based 360 degree feedback survey can help, by increasing manager positivity. Engagement is not just a “buzz” word It

How to Motivate Unmotivated Workers

Production is down. Morale is down. The staff kitchen is like a wake. People stop talking when you come near. The same people who used to be sticklers for punctuality

Building an engaged workforce

Engaging employees can be difficult, but it is something that organisations need to consider for long-term success and employee wellbeing. Creating an engaged workforce is no easy task, but it

Why drive employee engagement?

Improving employee engagement across a workforce can seem difficult, but it is one of the most important factors of organisational success; staying productive and finding ways to build on intrinsic


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