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Take care when giving negative feedback

There has been a long-held practice in the management world that makes use of negative performance feedback to focus employees on correcting their flaws and improving their output at work.

The value of positivity in the workplace

In recent years, there has been a growing realisation that putting appreciation into words and providing feedback about a person’s strengths is crucial to creating a productive workplace. It boosts

The trouble with negative feedback

Negative behaviours from managers and/or team members can affect the entire team dynamic. This is why acknowledgement and appreciation are important forms of feedback in any workplace. Negativity infiltrates organisations

The benefits of honest feedback

Feedback has long been considered one of the most powerful motivational tools, helping to push recipients towards achieving more and improving performance in the workplace. “Opening our minds to observations

safer clearer more authentic conversations

Boost engagement with 360 degree feedback

Employee engagement is a vital consideration for all managers. Fortunately, a strengths-based 360 degree feedback survey can help, by increasing manager positivity. Engagement is not just a “buzz” word It


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